Highland Road Park Observatory

11th Annual





MORSE CODE LESSON [available from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm]
(Learn name in Morse code.)

BINOCULAR CHECKOUT (available starting 7:30 pm)
As HRPO has a limited number of binoculars, those who have their own should bring them. [Caution: Do not look at the Sun!]

Bottled Water: $1.00
Bottled Soda: $1.00
Pickle: $1.00
Candy: $1.00
Italian Ice (Princess): $1.50
Gatorade: $2.00
Powerade: $2.00
Hot Dog: $2.00
Corn Dog: $2.00
Dorito Pie: $2.00
Frito Pie: $2.00
Fries: $3.00
Hot Dog Combo: $3.00
Cheese Nachos: $3.00 - $4.00
Italian Ice (Prince): $3.00
Funnel Cake: $4.00
Gelato (3 oz.): $4.00
Cajun Sausage: $4.00
Italian Ice (Queen): $4.50
Gelato (4 oz. or sugar cone): $5.00
Cajun Sausage Combo: $5.00
Gelato (5 oz. or waffle cone): $6.00
Loaded Fries: $6.00
Italian Ice (King): $6.00
Pulled Pork Nachos: $6.00
Sausage Poboy: $6.00
Pulled Pork Cherokee Taco: $6.00
Pulled Pork Sandwich: $6.00
Italian Sausage Hoagie: $6.00
Gelato (6 oz.): $7.00
Sausage Poboy Combo: $7.00
Pulled Pork Platter: $8.00

Red Glowstick: $1.50
Solar Viewer: $2.00
Jupiter Juice: $2.75
Pluto Plasma: $3.50
Mars Mud: $3.75
Pocket Star Finder: $5.25
Black Light Galaxy Balls (various colors): $5.50 each
HRPO T-Shirts (various styles): $6.25 each
Magnet Science Experiment Kit: $12.25
Die-Cast Space Shuttle: $12.75
Mysterious Creatures Game: $14.50
Marble Mania Game Construction Kit: $16.25
Electric Plane Launcher: $16.50
Miles Kelly Space/Science/How Things Work Compendiums: $21.00 each
Leaning Tower of Pisa 3-D Jigsaw Puzzle: $31.00

Wristband is required for the rides…
*18' Slide
*Hamster Ball
*Trackless Train

RAFFLE [cash or check only; for ages 18+ only]
$5.00 per ticket

$15.00 per adult
$7.50 per juvenile under eighteen
Membership into the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society is prorated in April from its regular full-year price of $20.00. Membership affords use of the dark-sky site in Maringouin, and alerts about brightening comets and close approaches of asteroids.

For merchandise cash, check or card will be accepted.
For the wristbands, raffle, and B.R.A.S. membership, cash or check will be accepted.
For food please bring cash.

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