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Highland Road Park Observatory

13th Annual


11 May 2019, 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Superflare by Lisa Calhoun
$29.99 each


This book, appropriate for adults and high schoolers, recounts the first few days of “The End of the World as We Know It.” A devastating coronal mass ejection strikes the Earth—frying the power grid, killing some people and separating family members by miles that (without cars or motorcycles) now take days to traverse. All individuals and families must be self-sufficient. The narrative focuses on one small area of north Louisiana. The Rayner clan (through conscientious pre-planning and a little luck) probably has it better than most. However, they still have to wrestle and contend with the problems of assisting strangers, fighting evil-doers, joining with neighbors and searching for missing loved ones.


  • What would happen to the United States Power Grid at this time if such an event as depicted in Superflare occur?
  • How would transportation, food preservation and communication be accomplished?
  • How should an individual defend himself (or a family itself) in a newly-questionable world with few if any law enforcement officials, and the National Guard and Armed Forces possibly difficult to contact and already overextended?
  • Are there any steps concerning food preservation, self-defense and first aid training an individual or family can take at this time?
  • Would a citizen’s band radio or an amateur radio attached to a car or marine battery be of use (for at least a while) if the radio had been protected by a Faraday cage?
Superflare - The Fortunate Ones - Front Cover

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