Highland Road Park Observatory


*Saturday 26 November to Saturday 30 December*

GOAL: $850

Last year, HRPO held its sixth annual donation drive—and the public came through, bringing to the facility the Atlantis Signed Print with Liner Fragment, the Jupiter Globe and the Geological Flow Demo among other delights. Now we’re doing it again—later in the year due to the Great Flood, but we’re hoping our patrons will come through and deliver once more. We’ve ranked the items from least- to most-expensive. From midnight early the morning of 26 November to midnight the night of 30 December, all monies deposited into our BREC Foundation account will first go toward items on the list below. We will acquire the items in that order as the success of the drive allows. The goal is all five items—so please give generously to HRPO during this time period and all these goodies will be at HRPO in no time! Any items acquired quickly enough will be on display during the Preview Party on 30 December.


*Pluto Globe: The surface of this distant world is no longer speculation thanks to the New Horizons mission. Now, HRPO can have this wonderous landscape on display via the very first commercially-available Pluto Globe! Total monies needed: $100.

*Hypno Square: Sixty-four RGB LEDs create over four thousand colors that dynamically morph into a never-ending series of rhythmic animations! Perfect for Plus Nights! Total monies needed: $224.

*Solar Deluxe: This powerful Eitech system provides a one-volt solar panel and over two hundred parts! Our Campers, Cadets, Rocketeers, Reviewers and Apprentices will assist in the constructions of “wind turbine,” “merry-go-round” and “radar dish”—all to be showcased during the various public viewings of the Sun at HRPO! Total monies needed: $398.

*Lunar Print with Moon Meteorite Specimen: There are only 1000 of these rare prints, and not every one purchased will be on public display. Shouldn’t HRPO—the site of forty-plus asteroid discoveries, the central hub of most GLOBE at Night reports and the location of the biggest and best International Astronomy Day celebration in the area—have one of these prints? Total monies needed: $602.

*Spectrum Tube Power Supply: “Old timers” at HRPO remember the first one the facility had—how it would awe the kids with glowing neon, mercury or water vapor. Imagine a bigger and better version and you’ll understand why we want this one! See elements and substances reveal their hidden secrets with this incredible device. Total monies needed: $850.


*Give at HRPO! We can write you a receipt.

*Mail a check to the BREC Foundation, stipulating “HRPO” in the memo line of your check.

*Donate online via PayPal. Contact the BREC Foundation at (225) 226-7381 for instructions for stipulating online donations for HRPO.

For more information on the drive please contact HRPO at (225) 768-9948 or observatory@brec.org.

Once again, any items acquired early enough will be displayed or used during the annual Preview Party on 30 December. All others will be displayed or used during the January Evening Sky Viewing Plus (excepting the Solar Deluxe, which of course will be premiered during the January Solar Viewing session).

Thank you for making possible this cooperative venture. All monies received are deposited into the BREC Foundation’s HRPO account. Any monies received by HRPO in excess of the amount needed to purchase the items described above will be used for other displays, equipment and services for HRPO’s public programs—especially International Astronomy Day next April.

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