Highland Road Park Observatory


*Saturday 29 September to Friday 3 November*

GOAL: $1200

Last year, HRPO held its eighth annual donation drive—and the public came through, bringing to the facility an arduino learning kit and a spectroscope among other delights. Now we’re doing it again, choosing the time span to begin with NASA’s 60th Anniversary Party and end with the second annual Natural Sky Conference. From midnight early the morning of 29 September to midnight ending 3 November, all monies acquired will be deposited into our BREC Foundation account. We only have one item that we’re requesting!

Celestron NexStar 8SE Telescope

Celestron NexStar 8SE Telescope

Many consider this one of the most beloved telescope ever! Although HRPO believe that all beginning skygazers should use a manual telescope to save money and learn the sky, computerized telescopes are fantastic for serving the public. The iconic “orange tube” design of the NexStar has been updated with all the latest features. This will insure the best stargazing experience for newcomers and seasoned visitors to HRPO!

*eight-inch aperture *fully-automated GoTo mount
*SkyAlign technology *single fork arm design
*sturdy steel tripod *Focal Length = 2032mm
*nine slew speeds *Starry Night Special Edition software
*Starbright XLT optical coating
*Apparent Field of View = 0.63°


*Give at HRPO! We can write you a receipt.

*Mail a check to the BREC Foundation, stipulating “HRPO” in the memo line of your check.

*Donate online via PayPal. Contact the BREC Foundation at (225) 226-7381 for instructions for stipulating online donations for HRPO.

For more information on the drive please contact HRPO at (225) 768-9948 or observatory@brec.org.

If the telescope is acquired, it will have first public light at HRPO’s year-ending Preview Party in December.

Thank you for making possible this cooperative venture. All monies received are deposited into the BREC Foundation’s HRPO account. Any monies received by HRPO in excess of the amount needed to purchase the item described above will be used for other displays, equipment and services for HRPO’s public programs—especially International Astronomy Day next May.

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