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Highland Road Park Observatory


*Friday 18 October to Saturday 22 November*

GOAL: $1500

For nine years, HRPO’s devoted patrons have come through, donation monies to acquire non-consumable STEM equipment for use during public programming. It’s that time of year again!

Pitsco FLO Visualization Tunnel

Pitsco FLO Visualization Tunnel

As NASA’s Artemis Program begins the tests that preview our nation’s return to the Moon, HRPO expands its STEM offerings to include research in aerodynamics. The Pitsco FLO Visualization Tunnel will allow us to visually demonstrate aerodynamics with a wind tunnel perfect for informal education! One places an object in the wind tunnel and turns it on while directing fog through the tunnel. The airflow will pass across the length of the object—showing visually many of the principles of air flight in action. Airfoils, geometric shapes, model airplanes and other objects will find their place into the FLO. A magnetic platform attached to an outside gear provides for a rotation of the test objects while the wind tunnel is in operation. The operator can also alter the wind speed of the tunnel to test different variables.


*Give at HRPO! We can write you a receipt.

*Mail a check to the BREC Foundation, stipulating “HRPO” in the memo line of your check.

*Donate online via PayPal. Contact the BREC Foundation at (225) 226-7381 for instructions for stipulating online donations for HRPO.

For more information on the drive please contact HRPO at (225) 768-9948 or

Once again, any items acquired early enough will be displayed or used during the annual Preview Party on 27 December.

Thank you for making possible this cooperative venture. All monies received are deposited into the BREC Foundation’s HRPO account. Any monies received by HRPO in excess of the amount needed to purchase the item described above will be used for other displays, equipment and services for HRPO’s public programs—especially International Astronomy Day on 2 May 2020.

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