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Highland Road Park Observatory

(Summer Session)

Friday 5 July from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm CDT
No admission fee. For all ages.
Binoculars strongly encouraged.

It’s not light, it’s not dark. It’s that special time called twilight, and HRPO wants to introduce you to it!
*Are all sections of the sky the same shade of blue?
*Which stars are seen first?
*Are Mercury☿ and Venus♀ or the Moon out?
*Is that moving object a plane, a satellite or space debris?
*How much actual darkness should I expect in a light-polluted city when twilight has passed?

There is no other time like twilight. Bring it into your life!

{The various twilights will be explained.}

Celestial Objects in Order of Appearance (with magnitudes):

Waxing Crescent Moon [-10.7] / Jupiter♃ [-2.5] / Arcturus [-0.05] / Vega [0.0] / Saturn♄ [0.1] / Mercury☿ [0.3] / Altair [0.7] / Aldebaran [0.8] / Spica [0.9] / Antares [1.0] / Regulus [1.3] / Polaris [2.0]

NOTE: The 26 July lecture “Wonders of the Summer Sky” is an excellent followup to this session.

This program pre-empts the Friday Night Lecture Series on…
*the last Friday in spring before Daylight Time begins
*the Friday during the week of Independence Day
*the first Friday in fall after Daylight Time ends

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