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Highland Road Park Observatory

formerly known as Rocket Camp

Monday 30 December and Tuesday 31 December
8:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Primary Topic: Human Biology Off the Earth
Secondary Topic: Space Junk!
Rockets: Star Trooper and Yankee
STEM Activity: Blood Typing / Early Propulsion Idea
Registration in progress. (Activity #531180)

Total Cost: $55.00 per in-parish explorer
$66.00 per out-of-parish explorer
Ages: nine to thirteen
Maximum Capacity: thirty explorers
(All materials are provided.)

Attention: Six kids must be registered by 23 December for Space Exploration Camp to take place.

Children learn about the American Space Program, rocketry and STEM at HRPO’s Space Exploration Camp!

For over a century, thanks to the solid work of the Wright brothers, Robert Goddard and others, rockets and spacecraft have been sent into low-Earth♁ orbit, to land and orbit the Moon, to land on Venus♀ and Mars♂, to land on Mercury☿ and to flyby the gas and ice giants. Soon, recreation and leisure flights will commerce, and actual human beings will go to Mars♂ and an asteroid!

At Winter Space Exploration Camp, kids can expect…

Parents can register in person at HRPO. Parents can also register online at Webtrac. Tell all the other parents you know, and don’t wait until the last minute to register!

Space Exploration Camp Pic 1
Space Exploration Camp Pic 2
Space Exploration Camp Pic 3

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