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Highland Road Park Observatory


For ages fourteen and older.

As in Phase 2 of the virus outbreak response, the in-person Friday Night Lecture Series are suspended during Phase 3. HRPO has yet to hear from BREC HQ whether in person lectures will be allowed during Phase 4. Therefore, HRPO personnel will continue to host remote discussions via the internet. These remote events are aimed at a general adult audience; most high schoolers should have no problem taking part.

23 OCTOBER, 6:30 pm = “The Spooky Sampler” We’re getting close to Halloween…. This lecture slot will be used to highlight a smorgasbord of unsettling stories, images and theories—for our adult audience.

20 NOVEMBER, 6:30 pm = “Buying Your First Telescope” Please don’t buy a scope (especially as a gift for another) without doing some research first. Whether a scope is a good first telescope for someone depends on that person’s age and what he or she will tend to view most (the Moon and planets, or star clusters and nebulae). In almost every situation, a good scope will have to be mail-ordered. HRPO’s annual discussion of this issue increases the patron’s chance of getting the best deal for the money, and increases the chance of the gift being used on a regular basis. Once again BRAS member and asteroid discoverer Merrill Hess helms this talk.

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