Highland Road Park Observatory


Saturday 1 April at Rabenhorst East
*Visitation, 11:00 am*
*Service, 12:00 pm*
*reception after*

We lost Mr. Wally on 27 December after a brief illness. He and Craig Brenden founded the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society in 1981. The Highland Road Park Observatory was conceived in a phone call between BRAS and LSU. BREC joined as a partner soon after and provided the property and annual operating budget. HRPO would not have existed without Wally and Craig’s initial vision.

The partners are saddened at this tremendous loss. Regular HRPO patrons know that Mr. Wally was a knowledgeable and enthusiastic supporter of HRPO—as an employee, a volunteer and as a dispenser of wisdom and advice in times of stress and emergency.

HRPO personnel will endeavor to keep Mr. Wally’s vision alive through varied lectures and classes and viewings, promotion of amateur skygazing and the American Space Program, and continuing the task of returning the natural sky to Baton Rouge.

Wally using a binocular mount

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