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Highland Road Park Observatory


For ages fourteen and older.

The in-person Friday Night Lecture Series are suspended while the “six-foot rule” is mandatory. Therefore, HRPO personnel will continue to host remote discussions via the internet. These remote events are aimed at a general adult audience; most high schoolers should have no problem taking part.

8 JANUARY, 6:30 pm = “2020—The Space Year in Review”  Though life wasn’t wanted it to be in 2020, it’s getting better. There were a number of celestial events and exploration milestones in 2020, and as with every first lecture of the New Year, we’ll cover all of them!

15 JANUARY, 6:30 pm = “Wonders of the Winter Sky”  BREC Education Curator Amy Brouillette will take the audience on a fascinating tour of Baton Rouge’s winter season. She’ll highlight the celestial gems that will sparkle throughout the next three months—gems visitors will be able to see live if they continue to visit HRPO!

22 JANUARY, 6:30 pm = “Our Birth Stars”  What exactly is a “birth star?” It is that star whose light produced around the time your were born is just reaching Earth♁. Of course, as we age the star changes. Introduce yourself to a lifetime of birth stars and learn how to see them!

29 JANUARY, 6:30 pm = “Apollo 14 50th Anniversary”  Crew members Alan Shepard, Stuart Roosa and Edgar Mitchell left Earth♁ in January 1971 to investigate the Fra Mauro area of our Moon. We celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of this mission!

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