Highland Road Park Observatory


As the 20/20 Vision Campaign winds down, HRPO asks everyone to do what they can now and in the future to diminish the number of streetlamps with see-through tops, or with luminaires bulging out the bottom. Simultaneously, let’s not forget those wonderful lights we don’t want diminished during our lives—stars, security and freedom! HRPO premieres in the Best Little Store in the Universe an art project on each of the next three Saturdays, each focusing on “good light.”

20 May…Faber-Castell Paint by Number Series…Starry Night
The bittersweet Van Gogh classic can be yours—even made by you! How many stars could have been seen from the bedroom windows of children at that time? $8.00.

27 May…Royal & Langnickel Sketching…Lighthouse
The beloved lighthouse means more than just navigational aid for decades of sailors. It also inspires feelings of comfort and sureness, as well as appreciation for the engineering feat that planted along the coastlines numerous beacons now known today just as much for their beauty as their utility. $6.75.

3 June…Royal & Langnickel Engraving…Statue of Liberty
This silver beauty shows a specific engineering marvel, a symbol the world over of basic human freedoms. HRPO will have this engraving art project out for sale just in time for aspiring artists finish their masterpiece and show their loved ones on Independence Day. $6.25.

All kits are suitable for 8+.
All prices are tax-included.
There are only three of each kit!
None of these suit you? Window shop some other HRPO merchandise….

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Created by Frederick J. Barnett on Friday, May 19, 2017, 10:38 AM.