Highland Road Park Observatory


The Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund (LEQSF) has provided the LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy with $115,000. These funds will be used at LSU to 1. Purchase the telescope and support equipment for the observatory, 2. Develop an Astronomy Teaching Laboratory at LSU, and 3. Explore public outreach and K-12 education applications.

OGS20 telescope and mountA medium size (20" diameter) reflecting telescope to gather light from distant astronomical objects. The mount stabilizes the telescope, allows the telescope to be automatically pointed and compensates for the rotation of Earth.

CCD cameraA Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera, that in many ways is more sensitive than a film camera, collects the light from the telescope and converts the image to a digital form. This digital picture can then be readout, analyzed and displayed by a computer.

Control systemA control system with motors, relays, sensors, interface boards and software that allows all of the telescope functions to be controlled by a computer.

Network serverA high speed network link will allow the observatory to be controlled remotely from the LSU campus. Eventually, this link will provide access to the telescope by anyone on the world wide Internet.

Teaching laboratoryAn Astronomy Teaching Laboratory in the LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy will provide college student access to the telescope and CCD images. A series of exercises coordinated with university courses will guide the students from astronomy fundamentals through advanced image processing techniques.

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