Highland Road Park Observatory


The following is a tentative schedule of events leading to a Summer of 1997 opening of the observatory which we believe is realistic. However, many aspects of this complex, remote control system have never been attempted before and problems with the implementation may lead to delays.

10/30/96 Bids for telescope, mount and TCC system are due.
11/04/96 Observatory Ground-Breaking ceremony.
Nov. '96 Telescope P.O. is approved and sent to winning vendor.
Dec. '96 Complete specifications for CCD camera and issue RFB.
Dec. '96 Complete design for dome shutter control and weather sensor interface.
Jan. '97 Bids for CCD camera are due. Issue P.O. to vendor.
Feb. '97 Receive TCC system. Begin development and testing of observatory interfaces.
Mar. '97 Receive CCD camera. Begin testing hardware and software.
Mar. '97 Complete design of LSU to Observatory network link.
Apr. '97 Complete installation of network link.
Apr. '97 Receive telescope mount. Begin testing of the remote control interface between LSU and the Observatory.
May '97 Receive telescope and begin installation.
June '97 Installation review. Begin calibrations and operational procedure development.
July '97 Complete final system review. Observatory operational.
Aug. '97 Observatory dedication.

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