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  • The LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy currently supports a number of programs directed to teacher and secondary school student education.

  • The Holmes Plan to train a new generation of secondary school teachers.

A five year program that provides a student with a B.A. in a major field of study, such as Physics, and a Masters in Education.

  • Physical Science for Elementary Education Majors.

Relatively new course offered by the department provides a "hands-on" science experience for undergraduate education majors. Method shown to significantly increase science concept understanding and retention. Two courses now available covering a full year of training.

  • Operation Primary Physics for in-service training of K-6 teachers.

Nationwide program teams primary school teachers with local college level teachers to learn effective physics teaching techniques. Teams then establish a similar training program in their region for local teachers.

  • In-service training in the Physical Sciences for middle and secondary school teachers.

Teachers attend summer session for 6 weeks during which they take a physical science course and receive graduate credit.

  • NSF Young Scholars program for secondary school students.

Students attend a summer session where they are exposed to a broad range of astronomy and physics topics. Attempt to provide a research experience.

  • Once operational, the Astronomy Teaching Laboratory can be used essentially as is to significantly enhance the quality of scientific training and educational experience for all of these programs.

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