Highland Road Park Observatory


"Operation Physics" for Louisiana secondary school teachers.

Similar to Operation Primary Physics but for secondary school teachers. Regional (Louisiana) focus instead of nationwide. Proposal has been submitted to the NSF. If funded the first summer session would probably occur in 1998.

  • Follow-on to NSF Young Scholars program.

Support multiple teams during a summer session science training program. Each team would be composed of a secondary school teacher with a class of students from the same school. Focus would be on astronomy and use of the Baton Rouge Observatory would be emphasized. Submit proposal to NSF during Spring, 1997. If funded, the first session would begin summer, 1998.

  • Develop an active Observatory public outreach program.

Work with BREC and BRAS providing science lectures and other, similar outreach support.

  • Develop the Baton Rouge Observatory as a science center.

Equip observatory with a mini-ATL. Develop indoor and outdoor exhibits. Requires new funding source.

  • Develop applications of the Observatory for the K-12 classroom.

Adapt ATL exercises for K-12 grades. Develop "robotic" control interface and batch job scheduler. Establish "pilot" project for field testing. Provide teacher materials, technical support and training workshops. Requires new proposal and funding. Begin planning Fall, 1997?

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