Highland Road Park Observatory



Will be developed under the current LEQSF observatory support at LSU. The physical setup will include about 10 desktop computer workstations each of which will be connected to the LSU network, along with a master Remote Control Computer (RCC) that, for security reasons, will intermediate communication with the observatory. Each desktop workstation will include a complement of software that will enable students to send commands to the telescope, receive images, analyze and process digital images, run simulations of astronomical and physical processes and study astronomy fundamentals such as constellations, planetary motion and eclipses.

LSU will develop a series of laboratory exercises to complement our existing course offerings. These exercises will be designed to provide broad training in astronomy and modern telescope observational techniques. Three levels of instruction are anticipates: 1) Entry level for Physical Science courses covers astronomy fundamentals, 2) Intermediate Level for Undergraduates covers instrument control, 3) Advanced Level for Graduate students covers data processing / analysis.

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