Highland Road Park Observatory


How the telescope worksTelescope optics follows the Ritchey - Chretien design which is similar to a Cassegrain reflecting telescope. The light path is "folded" by a secondary mirror and brought to a focus behind the primary mirror. The advantage is that the telescope body is more compact and easier to handle.

OGS20 telescope and mountThe primary mirror will be 20" in diameter with a secondary mirror diameter of 6". Both mirrors would have a special coating to increase reflectance. The telescope focus is controlled by moving the secondary mirror back and forth. The mount is designed so that the telescope can point to sky objects using the Celestial coordinate system. That is, one axis points to the North star, or the north celestial pole, and the other axis traces the celestial equator. Motors on the axes allow the telescope to be electrically controlled and to automatically compensate for the Earth's rotation. The combined telescope and mount form a precision instrument capable of finding and tracking very faint astronomical objects.

The telescope and mount will be manufactured by Optical Guidance System and is anticipated to be delivered by late Spring 1997.

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