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Highland Road Park Observatory

The Wormhole

Donation Rewards System

The Wormhole occupies a glass case on the southeast side of the main floor of HRPO, between permanent Moon Display and the Martian Triangle.

This Wormhole is divided into three areas into which different items “blink into existence” periodically. Each area has either a not-for-sale item, or sale items or packages! Each of for-sale item is a special, sometimes one-time-only presence which is available to the first lucky patron who can shell out the cash. The longer an item stays in the Wormhole, the cheaper it becomes. Should you wait until the price drops? Or will someone else buy it first?

All monies gained from the Wormhole go straight into HRPO’s BREC Foundation account! The account monies are used to purchase equipment and supplies for our many public offerings.



This fondly remembered line went belly-up over forty years ago, but you can place a piece of its history in that secret safe of yours! (Black-and-white markings on picture only. Actual certificates are in fine shape.)

Defunct Train Company Stock PDF

21 AUGUST: $40.00
25 AUGUST: $35.00
28 AUGUST: $30.00
11 SEPTEMBER: $25.00
15 SEPTEMBER: $20.00
20 SEPTEMBER: $15.00
23 SEPTEMBER: $10.00

Cost for both certificates together. If items unsold after 27 September, they will be returned to donor.


Is it the truth—or just a really nutty book? The legendary 2010 spoof hardcover has “Professor Allen Grey” describe all the aliens known, explain how to spot them on Earth♁, etc.


11 SEPTEMBER: $17.00
18 SEPTEMBER: $16.00
25 SEPTEMBER: $15.00
2 OCTOBER: $14.00
9 OCTOBER: $13.00
16 OCTOBER: $12.00
23 OCTOBER: $11.00
30 OCTOBER: $10.00

Any remaining copies not sold by Halloween weekend will not be available again until April.

Call HRPO at 768-9948 to have any Wormhole selection held for pickup for twenty-four business hours only.

The lowest price for any item is always at least ten dollars.

Cash or check only, please.

The on-sale Wormhole items are not government-owned. They are always gifts from non-governmental owners.

Wormhole banner

Updated by Frederick J. Barnett on Friday, September 10, 2021, 10:45 AM.

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