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Highland Road Park Observatory


January 2021 to December 2021

Location: east side of main floor
Dimensions: center panel 79.5cm x 89cm /
flanking panels 33cm x 89cm

The United States is celebrating the 230th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. Without the backing of that document and an understanding of its purpose neither scientists nor amateurs nor anyone could wonder about things, then ask questions, then hear all sides, then make a decision. For 333 days (from the first Plus Night of the year, to the planned past-midnight end of Geminid Meteor Shower peak viewing) HRPO celebrates the wonderful concepts and tools that help us find the truth!

The central panel contains the text of the Bill of Rights. The left panel will be used to rotate various true stories illustrating the importance of the Bill of Rights in promoting STEM and various quotes from past and present American people referring to the sanctity of the ability to speak one’s mind. The right panel will showcase a rotating list of words and phrases the use of which certain committees and groups on taxpayer-funded campuses have suggested be banned, restricted or frowned-upon for various good-sounding reasons.

All panels will have nighttime illumination for viewing during HRPO’s public skygazing sessions.

Free To Wonder, Free To Ask, Free To Hear, Free To Decide Display

Created by Frederick J. Barnett on Thursday, January 28, 2021, 02:01 PM.

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