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Highland Road Park Observatory

The Rocket Range

The Rocket Range bidding takes place from the first Friday of the month to that month’s Solar Viewing Saturday.

Patrons bid for a pre-constructed rocket and the chance for a free launch using HRPO grounds and equipment. Bidding always starts at one dollar. Minimum and maximum bids differ by rocket.

All monies gained from the Rocket Range go straight into HRPO’s BREC Foundation account!

BIDDING BEGINS: 15 May at 3:30 pm [AIM-9]

LAUNCH: Saturday 13 February at 12:30 pm
LAUNCH: 15 May at 4:30 pm [Starbase Starcruiser]
LAUNCH: 15 May at 5:30 pm [Recruiter]
(during International Astronomy Day)

Bidder must be eighteen years of age. Person who presses button to launch rocket must be eight years of age.

People whose households contain a child who has registered for an HRPO program in the past year can bid over the phone. All others must bid in person.

The rockets for the Rocket Range are not government-owned. They are always gifts from non-governmental owners.

Rocket Range placard

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