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Highland Road Park Observatory


For ages fourteen and older.

HRPO personnel will continue to host remote discussions via the internet until people are allowed to sit close enough to have the Friday Night Lecture Series. Both the FNLS and the Remote Discussions are aimed at a general adult audience; most high schoolers should have no problem taking part.

21 MAY, 6:30 pm = “K.M.S. Bismarck: Enemy of an Empire”
Continuing the story after the destruction of the Hood, James DeOliveira describes the hunt for the battleship responsible. [Postponed from 7 May.].

28 MAY, 6:30 pm = “WWII: The Intel War”

4 JUNE, 6:30 pm = ‘WWII: Midway”
These two presentations from Amy Northrop and James DeOliveira will investigate the science behind Allied intelligence operations in World War II, and how that led to an important defeat in the Pacific of the freedom-choking Axis.

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