(Summer Session)

Friday 5 July from 8pm to 10pm CST

No admission fee. For all ages.

Binoculars strongly encouraged.

It’s not light, it’s not dark. It’s that special time called twilight, and HRPO wants to introduce you to it!

*Are all sections of the sky the same shade of blue?

*Which stars are seen first?

*Are Mercury and Venus or the Moon out?

*Is that moving object a plane, a satellite or space debris?

*How much actual darkness should I expect in a light-polluted city when twilight has passed?

We begin with the Sun just one degree above the horizon and sinking. There is no other time like twilight. Bring it into your life!

This program pre-empts the Friday Night Lecture Series on…

*the last Friday in spring before Daylight Time begins

*the Friday during the week of Independence Day

*the first Friday in fall after Daylight Time ends