Wednesday 20 March

11am to 2pm CDT

No admission fee. For ages six and older.


According to current predictions, Solar Cycle 25 Maximum will probably peak anytime from April to July. There was moderate activity on the Sun on 19 March. There was a Radio Blackout Level 2 alert in the past twenty-four hours (as of this posting). There are Geomagnetic Storm Level 1 alerts for the 20th and the 21st. HRPO personnel viewed the Sun with a 10” Orion Dobsonian (Thousand Oaks Optical white light filter with SolarLite film, 25mm eyepiece for 48x). Active Regions 3607, 3613, 3614 and 3615 were seen easily.


It can be very damaging to eyesight to view the Sun in an incorrect manner. Please follow all rules given by on-site personnel.


Admission and On-Site Viewing (projection, filter, hydrogen-alpha) = $0.00

Take-Home Solar Viewer = $2.00 (one per purchaser; purchaser must be twelve or over)

HRPO T-Shirt = $5.00 to $10.00

[The next regular monthly solar viewing session will be 30 March, but there is no guarantee the same amount of activity will be present on the Sun.]