one Saturday monthly from 3:30pm to 7:30pm

for ages twelve to sixteen

$15 per EBR-parish registrant; $18 per other-parish registrant

maximum capacity sixteen registrants

DESCRIPTION: This adolescent program increases the knowledge base of those young people interested in further astronomy-ground STEM challenges.

EARLY REGISTRATION: Those registrants who took part in HRPO Summer Camp, Science Academy or Space Exploration Camp may sign up before the general public’s registration date. Call for more information.

DROP-OFF: If a registrant is not driving, drop-off begins and 3:15pm and pick-up ends at 7:45pm.

DOOR PRIZE: At the end of each session of four or more registrants, there is an exciting door prize drawing. The prizes, all related to science, come in three “levels”.


21 October: “Spooky STEM”

25 November: “American Space Exploration”

23 December: “History of Celestial Observations”