Current Roster: 75 Active Cadets

Galactic Plaques Issued: 23

*Saturdays from 10am to 12pm

*for Cadets ages eight to twelve

*$5 per in-parish Cadet; $6 per out-of-parish Cadet

* minimum four Cadets and maximum sixteen Cadets per session

*walk-ins welcome, but parents can register up to three weeks ahead of time either in person at HRPO, over the phone (card must be in caller’s name) on online via WebTrac


(or use Keyword Search and type “STEM”.)

CAUTION: Deadline for any SA session to achieve minimum registration required is the day before (Friday) at 6pm!

ATTENTION: The first three registrants for an SA session receive multiple door prize tickets!

DESCRIPTION: Under the guidance of HRPO Education Program Specialist Amy Northrop, Cadets are brought into the wonderful world of astronomy—at their level! They have an exciting chance each Saturday to explore gravity, simple machines, stars, spacecraft, meteors, the Earth and the Moon, asteroids and comets, computer science and the American space program. During the entertaining visual presentation Cadets take part in hands-on demonstrations, crafts and experiments! Most session are part of a themed groups of sessions, but kids never have to make a commitment to attend all sessions of a group. Periodically there are “standalone” sessions that will never be repeated; those sessions are often quite popular.

ENTRY INTO THE ACADEMY/CADET RANKINGS: The first session of attendance, the child is a “Recruit”. Afterwards he or she begins to rise through the ranks of the Academy, earning the title of Lunar Cadet, and then Solar Cadet. Ultimately, with a lot of perseverance and hard work the child may reach the pinnacle of Science Academy accomplishments that has only been reached by twenty-three so far—Galactic Cadet!

DROP-OFF: Though parents are welcome to stay, they have the option of leaving their children for the duration of Science Academy instead of staying with them. Parents can drop off children as early as 9:45am and pick them up as late as 12:15pm. The privilege to leave a child alone exists only if the parent has filled out a “Registration Form” and “Rules and Regulations” form, which are obtained at HRPO.

GAME: An add-on hour of 12pm to 1pm provides a STEM-oriented game. Only registrants in that day’s Science Academy can attend. The game is $2.50 extra and can be paid only on-site that morning.

DOOR PRIZE: At the end of each session there is an exciting door prize drawing. The prizes, all related to science, come in three different “levels”. A child who has won the level one prize will win the level two prize next time; those who won level two during earlier sessions will win the grand level three prize. Higher-ranked Cadets and older Cadets receive higher-end level three prizes!

EARLY ENTRY RULE: An Early Entry is allowed to seven-and-a-half year-olds if at least one of three requirements is satisfied:

1] The child attended HRPO Summer Camp at age six or seven.

2] The child’s parent/guardian is a member of the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society and the child is actively pursuing a child-level observing certificate.

3] The child has viewed the Sun, the Moon and the other eight planets through a telescope at HRPO

EXTENSION RULE: An Extension is available for Cadets who began Science Academy older than eight years of age. This is to insure interested Cadets reach the highest possible ranking.

*If a Cadet began Science Academy at the age of seven or eight, he or she can attend until the age of thirteen.

*If a Cadet began Science Academy at the age of nine, he or she can attend the three sessions after turning thirteen.

*If a Cadet began Science Academy at the age of ten, he or she can attend the six sessions after turning thirteen.

*If a Cadet began Science Academy at the age of eleven, he or she can attend the nine sessions after turning thirteen.

*If a Cadet began Science Academy at the age of twelve, he or she can attend the twelve sessions after turning thirteen.

In order to take advantage of the Extension, a Cadet’s parent/guardian must attend a brief, free-of-charge private meeting with HRPO personnel describing HRPO’s STEM Expansion (for twelve- to sixteen-year-olds) and Apprenticeship Program (for thirteen- to seventeen-year-olds)


(as of 6 April)

10th Degree Galactic: Kade S.

4th Degree Galactic: Arianna R., Kaelin S.

3rd Degree Galactic: Daniel C.

Kuiper Belt: William L.

Uranian: Joseph D., Kenzie H.

Saturnian: Heidi S.

Jovian: Roshan K.

Asteroid Belt: Oliver B., Edward M., Ryan Z.

Martian: Austin H.

Venusian: Dominic B., Marianne B., Kelvin B., Irene C., Harold N., Luke T.

Mercurian: Akari K., Advit K., Emmett M., Hannah N., Vivienne N., Joseph Q., Wyatt S., Ava W