Monday 8 April

Eclipse occurs from 12:29pm to 3:09pm

No admission fee. For ages six and older.

Live views of the Eclipse are weather-permitting.

Speed Limit on HRPO grounds is 25 km/hr (15 mph).

Tens of millions of Americans will view live and in real time the stunning sight of the Moon passing in front of the Sun! For those fortunate souls within a narrow track, this eclipse will be total—sadly not in the Baton Rouge area. However, the phenomenon will still yield a wonderful partial eclipse of the Sun!

SCHEDULE [all times are Central Daylight]

10:30am = {HRPO opens}

11:43am = Sun reaches 60˚ altitude

12pm = {HRPO issues safety and seating instructions}

12:22pm = Sun reaches 65˚ altitude

~12:29pm = partial eclipse begins in Baton Rouge

1:06pm = Sun culminates at 67˚ altitude

~1:48pm = maximum coverage of Sun by the Moon (~85%)

1:50pm = Sun lowers to 65˚ altitude

2:29pm = Sun lowers to 60˚ altitude

2:59pm = Sun lowers to 55˚ altitude

~3:09pm = partial eclipse ends in Baton Rouge

3:26pm = Sun lowers to 50˚ altitude

3:30pm = {HRPO closes}


Inside the main building, HRPO personnel will provide live annular feeds from at least three different locations within that path. Most if not all of these feeds will be provided by NASA. If high internet traffic during the eclipse makes impossible a view from NASA, HRPO personnel may switch to another feed provider.


Projection Device Viewing: $0.00

Filtered Nighttime Telescope Viewing: $0.00

Sun-Specific Hydrogen-Alpha Viewing: $0.00

Solar Viewers (if still available): $2.00 [one per purchaser over twelve years old]

City Gelato: $5.00

HRPO T-Shirts: $5.00 to $10.00 (assorted colors)


No matter the reason or duration for visit, HRPO personnel always expects patrons to be on their best behavior and follow all laws and rules.

*The front entrance gate should never be blocked by a vehicle, whether or not HRPO is open. Law enforcement has issued citations in the past.

*Please do not set up your lawn chair or blanket without receiving direction from staff. Visitors may only use the grass area south of the 20OGS and 16OGS building. Please do not sit or lie down on any concrete (pad or sidewalk), as your body would be a tripping hazard.

*If a telescope is not in operation, please do not handle it in any way. If a telescope is in operation, please wait until it’s your turn and place your eye to the eyepiece without touching the telescope.

*No glass containers are allowed.

*Pets and animals must remain under control and on a leash at all times.

*Litter and refuse are to be placed in proper receptacles.

*Food and drink are not allowed in either telescope dome.

*Alcohol and smoking are not allowed. If listening to music, please utilize headphones or earphones so that only you hear it.



Viewing a solar eclipse can be dangerous for one’s eyesight if not performed correctly.

*Do not use sunglasses (even polarized ones).

*Do not attempt to use your hand to cover a portion of the Sun.

*Do not attempt to “glance quickly” in the direction of the Sun.

*Do not use a solar viewer (eclipse glasses) together with a magnifying device.


The heading of this page is a hyperlink to a BRAS Forum thread. This thread is constantly updated with information on…

…live feeds.

…peripheral news stories.

…projection device construction instructions.

…current weather forecasts.

Unfortunately, the BRAS Forum is shut down at this time. Please request information regarding the Forum from BRAS Officers.