Saturday 28 October, 6pm to 10pm CDT

Front gate opens at 5:50pm. Sunset at 6:20pm.

Upstairs viewing begins at 7:30pm. Twilight ends 7:42pm.

For ages six and older. Binocular recommended.

[Admission Fee. $0.00]

[Merchandise and Wormhole items, varies.]

Don’t forget your costume!

Come visit on this Full Moon night—if you dare—as HRPO delves into the eerie side of astronomy, physics and aeronautics. We’ll have creepy science demonstrations, some of which we’ve never used. And don’t forget the stories. Strange sky phenomena…extra dimensions… extraterrestrials. Be warned—we want to make you think! Please check schedule carefully so you arrive at the appropriate time!

SCOPE-ON-A-ROPE (6:15pm to 7:30pm)

The wonderful device allows patrons to bring (within reason) small items from home or from the outside property and see up-close views. Into what microscpic world could we delve? Spices? Coins? Plants? Minerals?

FOOD (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

Gelato = $5.00 per serving

Caribbean Express quesadillas, nachos, tacos = prices vary


6:30pm to 7:15pm = Marshmallow Microwave Joust

6:45pm to 7pm = Exploding Pumpkin

7:45pm to 8:30pm = Building Bones

8pm and 8:45pm = Creepy STEM Stories

Patrons must follow safety guidelines of personnel.


6:45pm to 10pm = The Summer Triangle**

7pm to 10pm = Saturn

7:15pm to 10pm = Albireo* and The Great Square of Pegasus**

7:30pm to 10pm = Andromeda Galaxy [L]

7:45pm to 10pm = Full Moon

8pm to 10pm = “Job’s Coffin”*

8:15pm to 10pm = Jupiter

8:30pm to 10pm = Neptune

9:30pm to 10pm = Uranus

Objects marked with (*) require binoculars.

Objects marked with (**) are unaided-eye only.

“?” means Mercury’s visibility during this event is questionable.

L” means view of Andromeda Galaxy currently lessened by light pollution.


A different selection of demonstrations is shown every Spooky Spectrum. Which will it be this year?


First Scope, 7pm to 9pm

Second Scope, 8pm to 10pm


7:14pm = Meteor 1-29 (mag 2.5)

7:21pm = Cosmos 1825 (mag 2.0)

7:24pm = Cosmos 1455 (mag 2.4)

7:39pm = Resurs DK-1 (mag 2.4)

7:43pm = IUS-18 solid rocket motor (mag 2.2)

These manmade objects will pass through the Baton Rouge sky. It is predicted that the passes will be visible to the unaided eye. The lower the magnitude the brighter the pass. The light of the Full Moon may hinder views of the visible passes.

LSU 20OGS (UPSTAIRS) TELESCOPE (7:30pm to 10pm)

This telescope has been used to discover dozens of asteroids. It will be open for up-close views of the Full Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This year’s operator will be BRAS member Merrill Hess. Mr. Hess was instrumental in the creation of HRPO and has assisted in discovering five asteriods.

DEEP SKY TOUR (9:15pm)

The HRPO Education Program Specialist highlights the brightest deep-sky objects.

LUNAR TOUR (9:30pm)

The HRPO Manager highlights various features on the Moon.

This schedule is subject to change. Please confirm with the schedule at the BRAS Forum. Click the hyperlink in the title of this page.